Men's Authentics (2nd XI)

Men's Authentics (2nd XI)

Captain's Introduction 

Established in 1883 by the visionary Everard Britten Holmes, The Authentic Cricket Team boasts a storied tradition deeply rooted not only in competitive prowess, but unwavering sportsmanship. Embracing our timeless motto, "By Jove's Authentic fire," we honour our founder's legacy by embodying the true spirit of cricket.

We have three yearly Varsity fixtures against the Crusaders: a t20 which will be hosted at the Parks this year, a 50 over varsity at Arundel, and a 3 day Varsity at Fenner’s this season. We have regular BUCS fixtures and yearly “jazz” fixtures against the MCC, Free Foresters, Frogs and HAC.

This season, our esteemed squad has assembled a formidable lineup of Authentic traditionalists, proudly displaying our colours; “Blue” for the sky, “Blood Red” for Jove’s arm and “Old Gold” representing the crackling lightning. We have ten former “Tics” still at the club, and are looking forward to what will undoubtedly be a season filled with tense matches and unforgettable moments. Undoubtedly, the pinnacle of our season will be the eagerly anticipated T20 Varsity showdown on Friday, May 17th, at the iconic Parks venue. With our eyes firmly set on victory, we're prepared to leave everything on the field and etch our names in the annals of cricketing history.

Jack Cobb, OUCC Authentics Captain 2023/24

Blues & Authentics Squad

Name  College
Musa Ali Wadham
Saad Ali St Hugh's

Alexander Andrews


Kunal Barman

St Edmund Hall

Edward Bence Oriel
Toby Brown Magdalen

Christopher Carnegie


Saqlain Choudhary

Justin Clarke Balliol
Jack Cobb Christchurch

Thomas Douglas

Zagham Farhan University

Alexander Forster

Akram Ghauri Mansfield
Ed Grayson Balliol

Robert Hardwick

St Edmund Hall
Adam Hassan Pembroke
Thomas Hilditch Christchurch
Luca Ignatius Hertford

Alexander Kenningham

Max Kirkby Magdalen

Sidhaarth Kumar

Daniel Mackay Somerville

William Marriage

Gabriel McCall St Peter's

Lucas McConnell

St John's

Christopher Mingard

Tom Munns Pembroke
Vivek Nair University
Vivek Narayan Harris Manchester

Thomas Newman

Mikyle Ossman Christchurch

Alexander Pitlarge

Edward Ridley Christchurch
George Roberts St Peter's
Joshua Royan Balliol
Usama Salamat Lady Margaret Hall
Thomas Salter Balliol
Yash Suribhatla St Edmund Hall
Ben Swanson St Peter's
Dhruv Talati Brasenose

Vignesh Venkateswaran

Alec Wallis Jesus
Max Woodford New