Tellworth Investments

Tellworth Investments

Oxford University Cricket and Tellworth Investments

In 2024, we're delighted to welcome Tellworth Investments as a new supporter of Oxford University Cricket.

Tellworth has an established record of supporting Univeristy sport and is delighted to be extending this to OUCC. 

To offer a cricket program comprising nearly ~100 fixtures across 4 teams and 2 grounds, OUCC is dependent on the contributions of a number of important donors.

Player subscriptions make-up around ~30% of the club's cost base, and then donations from past players, members and income from a small endowment also all meaningfully contribute. However, it is the financial contributions of Tellworth and the Geffen family that ensure that as a club, we don't have to reduce the volume or quality of cricket played across the University.

Gus Kennedy (OUCC Chairman)